Outside/ fuera de casa

Sometimes it’s hard to get out and about with a baby. Especially if the baby cries a lot! However, we have tried to get out as much as possible with our little one. Firstly so he gets used to it and secondly so he is not stuck indoors all day. Well now he has become to love being out and about, he is usually very good wherever we take him. 

A veces Es dificil salir con in bebe, ¡sobretodo si llora mucho! Sin embargo nosotros hemos intentado salir todo lo posible con nuestro peque. Así se acostumbra y tampoco está encerrado todo el día. Ahora le encanta salir y es muy bueno donde sea que le llevamos. 

The car became difficult as he started really screaming in it to take him anyway but I insisted and started to try and find solutions. He has a mirror to look at himself at now in front of him (I think he thinks someone else is with him when he sees it! 😂). Also I started taking his musical bear with us and it seems to have done the trick! This week we even managed to do an hour drive to the beach with him and he was good. 

El coche empezó a ser un problema ya que empezó a chillar mucho pero insistí y comencé a buscarle soluciones. Ahora tiene un espejo enfrente (creo que se cree que hay alguien con él cuando lo mira😂). También empecé s traer su oso musical en el coche y se ve que le tranquiliza porque ya viaja más contento. Incluso esta semana conseguimos conducir una hora hasta la playa con él.


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