Daddy/ Papá

How it that when they have a baby men are so good At multitasking? I try to multitask as much as I can but there are days when he justs wants my attention to play and I don’t even have time to get dressed until midday! 

¿Como Es que los hombres son tan buenos a hacer multitareas al tener un bebé? Yo intento hacer varias tareas pero hay veces que simplemente quiere mi atención y no me deja vestirme hasta medio día. 

Well, he seems to let his Dad play in The playstation at the same time as moving him in his bouncer and he is quiet and content. If I try to do that he would cry for all my attention! And I try to do it for housework not pleasure! 😂

Bueno, parece que le deja a su padre juzgar a la play a la vez de botarlo en su Bouncer y está callado y contento. Sintonintentonhaver eso se pone a llorar para conseguir toda mi atención. ¡Y yo lo intento hacer para hacer tareas de la casa no para placer!


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