Heat! 🔥

Where we live it is soooo hot in the summer so we decided to rent for a month at the beach. Our little one loved the fresh air and 30 degrees instead of 40 where we live. 

Obviously this summer the ‘beach time’ has been totally different to what we are used to. Now it meant walks early in the morning along the beach with the sun still low and afternoons down on the beach in the shade of the buildings or at the pool under cover; hence no tan for me this year! But the fresh air was great for our little mr. 

The pediatrician doesn’t recommend swimming in the sea or pool for babies under 6 months so he didn’t have the opportunity to try this out this summer but I’m sure he’ll have time to spend more than enough time in the water next summer. 

I have seen that some babies are taken into pool before 6 months. Is the recommendation different from different doctors then? Or in different countries? Comment below. 

I want to join swimming classes for mummies and babies around Easter time to prepare for next summer! 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I took mine swimming earlier and she was fine!

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    1. Many people do seem to. I’m sure it must be safe but they say the chlorine isn’t good for them.


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